Choose appropriate and good dj for your event is one of most important thing. Dont worry anymore – we tell you how…   The choosing of a good DJ is an essential and a very difficult task – especially if the event is something like a wedding, corporate event, celebration or a V.I.P party. The […]

Same important as a good dj is to choose appropriate band or other performing artist for your event. Read on for more info…   People often ask me, what is better? A DJ or a band? From my experience, the answer is simple. If your budget allows you to hire both, then that’s the right […]

People often underrate how important is actually to have nice lights on event. We explain you why lights are really improtant…   People often underestimate the venue’s lighting/illumination. However, the quality of the used scenic lighting is very important if the venue is to have a suitable atmosphere. Especially in cases, when the event includes […]

People are often confused from technical things and dont know hoe choose correct equipment. Let us explain you all basics..   For someone uninformed, the offers from companies and DJs with their own equipment seem a little bit confusing. It isn’t anything abnormal that someone who doesn’t have the corresponding knowledge or who doesn’t work […]