Sound Systems Comparsion

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People are often confused from technical things and dont know hoe choose correct equipment. Let us explain you all basics..


For someone uninformed, the offers from companies and DJs with their own equipment seem a little bit confusing. It isn’t anything abnormal that someone who doesn’t have the corresponding knowledge or who doesn’t work in the field is in all the abbreviations, performances, brands, qualities and other parameters simply and easily lost. Even if you put your own initiative and find the corresponding brands and equipment online or you ask your acquaintance — another insecurity arises. Will the equipment you have ordered really be delivered onto the event?


The quality of the used equipment on the events like weddings or corporate evenings, celebrations, training sessions or conferences is not something to underestimate. A bad quality equipment can cause (except from the bad sound) headaches, dizziness, nausea, resonance of the whole room, unwanted effects coming from the microphone (whistling), different kinds of hum etc. In some cases, the overall manufacturing of the specific piece of equipment is very bad and sometimes the use of such devices can be even labeled as hazardous both for the people that operate such devices and the participants of the event itself. For this reason we encourage everyone to use solely the equipment of a high quality which meets all the safety certificates and simply — works as it is supposed to. The problem of the cheap companies and DJs is that they will use a very cheap and unprofessional equipment of sometimes even unidentified origin. However, a cheap indentified equipment of the low-cost brands such as American Audio, Dap Audio, Omnitronic and others is not an ideal solution either. This equipment may not threaten the lives of the participants, but its reliability is low, the sound is horrific and overall the reproduction of the sound is not very good. If you’re holding an event and you want it to be a good one, it is important to choose fully professional equipment that is operated and installed by experienced professionals. The difference in the price is of course big, but not staggering and the quality, safety and even the looks and reliability are incomparable.


If the event we are talking about falls into the category of the smaller ones, for about 50-70 people, 2 reproboxes with an output of 400-500 Watt should do the job. If we are talking about a bigger venue for more guests, it is suitable to use some additional subwoofers (bass) for an accurate reproduction of basses. The bass is important for the DJ or the performing band. If we are talking about a DJ production, a good quality bass is very important for the party’s “flow”. For a good sound, the placement of the reproboxes is also important. Some DJs place the boxes on chairs and tables. Not only does it look terrible and unprofessional, but also the sounds won’t be optimal. Reproboxes should be always on stable stands in the level of human’s chest/head or above, with an optimal distance from each other and of course in mono mode (not stereo). We recommend using active reproboxes with an integrated internal amplifier because if one of the reproboxes “breaks” you can still use the second one. If there are passive reproboxes used and the extern amplifier “breaks” – the whole event is over if the company doesn’t have a replacement or isn’t capable of replacing it quickly. It is also good to remember, that the sound is always as good as the worst component of the equipment that is placed between the source (microphone, CD player, mixer…) and the reproboxes. So if you use good reproboxes but a bad mixer, the sound will be degraded and the potential of the good component won’t be fully used. So it is necessary that you place only the best quality equipment between the source and the reprobox so the sound is a top notch and without any signs of degradation.