Is Lighting really Important ?

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People often underrate how important is actually to have nice lights on event. We explain you why lights are really improtant…


People often underestimate the venue’s lighting/illumination. However, the quality of the used scenic lighting is very important if the venue is to have a suitable atmosphere. Especially in cases, when the event includes a party with a DJ, the lighting is a key for having a successful event. Even the basic lighting can be used if the event has a limited budget. However, even this basic lights can brighten up the atmosphere. Some lights are always better than no lights. We often encounter situations, where a client doesn’t concern himself with the question of lighting equipment (client is not aware if the event should contain lights) or he simply doesn’t want to invest into it — client thinks that it’s not worth. It is logical that people want to lower the funds needed as much as possible, however, saving funds on lighting is definitely not the right way to go. Especially in cases, in which the funds allow to rent a good venue, good catering, a good DJ and/or a good band — in these cases the absence or a bad quality of lighting definitely totally ruins the overall feel of the event and atmosphere.


The options of lighting are vast and if we consider current pricing for the equipment, which goes down every year, there is always an option for a good illumination for substantially anyone – be it a company, an individual, a wedding organizer or anyone else with any purpose. If you work with a very limited budget, we advise you to at least light up the dance floor. For events with a higher budget, we advise you to light up the whole venue – walls, the ceiling, and columns/niches, dancing area. The difference between a well illuminated event and an event without any lighting whatsoever is really shocking and uncomparable. If the event uses an extensive programme, we also recommend using a stage. The stage is needed, because if the performers should stand at the same level as the audience, the planned programme will not be clearly visible and the performers wouldn’t be properly illuminated and visible by guests. The rent of the stage is not particularly expensive and will again raise the overall impression of the event. So what is the impact of a good illumination on the event except from a better feel and look of the venue? People will loosen up — they will dance more, they will have fun, they will talk to each other more and the whole event will be better with really exceptional atmosphere.


People often ask me a question how much warmth the lights produce. It is definitely not a significant value. Lights that have the performance of hundreds of watts are not used anymore. Discharge lamps that are still in use don’t have that much power and are combined with LED lights that are producing no heat whatsoever and also have the minimum electricity consumption. Although, if the lights’ primary goal is to be used at a disco (Dance floor) we recommend the discharge lights. LED technology has advanced and because of that, we now have the LED PAR and WASH lights that have much better performance, and are suitable for illuminating walls, niches, columns or ceiling. The LED effect lights used for a quality illumination of the dancing area haven’t been manufactured yet-respectively their performance is so low that it’s barely visible – with exception of using powerfull LED moving heads as dancefloor lights. For advanced events which are focused on producing as little heat as possible with a fairly high budget, the use of the effect LED lights is possible — which are the LED lights of the highest class that are manufactured with enough output to light the place up. If you hire us or any other professional company to handle your lighting equipment, you don’t need to worry about any kind of accident or any kind of a health risk. A good company will use lights from a proven brand together with good stands, they will know how to place the equipment so it won’t get in the way or negatively influence the looks of the venue. I strongly advise you not to hire cheap companies that use cheap equipment (mainly Chinese copies of the proven brands) – this kind of equipment is literally hazardous and those people who operate with this equipment are mostly not so technically savvy and don’t even own the relevant certificates. You can spot these companies for their low, essentially dumping prices. From my own experience, it is better just to avoid these companies.


If you want to have the maximal effect it is recommended to use a fogger and so called “hazer” (a special kind of a fogger that automatically emissions itself into the venue in small doses). The company that will organise such event should also check if the hazer or classic fogger can be used at the venue. In some places, the use of fogger or hazer is prohibited. It is also important that the fogger won’t emit on not so suitable occasions – like while the guests dine for instance, and there also shouldn’t be too much of it — in these occasions, the use of a mist is counterproductive. Today, the foger liquid that are manufactured are hypoallergenic and harmless, so they can’t harm your lungs, eyes or your health overall. Fogger liquid manufacturers must obey strict hygienic norms. But even if such measures are in place, sometimes people feel that their eyes hurt or they can’t breathe etc. The 99, 99% of these are just psychological effects. If there should be electronic music like Ebm, House, Techno etc. playing, it is wise to use stroboscopes — they will make the event a little bit more special. However, it is important to remember, that the effect of stroboscopes can cause epileptic seizures, disorientation or nausea. So the use of stroboscope should be thought over, because the effect can be irritating. Another good effect used on events is laser. There are more types of lasers, each having its own different output and use. A lasershow is also a viable option. Lasershow basically means that operator programme a whole sequence that will fire on a specific moment. Laser can draw shapes, signs, logos or 3D effects and is in overall very impressive. For the optimal effect of the laser, the use of a fogger is a must. We again encourage you to use services of a professional company which uses certified equipment of a good quality. Cheap lasers from China might permanently damage your eyes. However, the common sense of the participants is also needed in any kind of lighting used on event. If people touch the lights or stare directly into them from a short distance, jump into the equipment, put their drink onto the equipment — they can cause themselves serious health problems (like electric shock) just through their own behaviour. Even though we try our best to prevent any accidents caused by our equipment, the people who should be responsible are the participants of the event, they should listen to the notice of the technicians and should also use their own common sense.


How much does the illumination cost? Because of the almost infinite number of options this is a very difficult question. The event budget plays a big role; the same as the client’s idea, event programme, the size of a venue and its limitations, the electricity in the location (bigger events require 180V). We can say that illumination including the installation will cost you anything from a few hundred dollars up to tens of thousands of dollars. For example, a corporate event for 200-500 people in a medium venue will cost about $2000-$5000. Wedding ceremonies will come to $100-$2500. The price can be always set individually. With a good company, we can always set an optimal price for both sides.